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What is a Webbie website?

A Webbie website is a professionally designed and developed website template. It’s been custom developed on WordPress, and will be customised and published by a real person.

How can I customise a Webbie website?

When you place an order with Webbie, you are given a number of customisation choices. You first choose a website template. Each template has a number of customisation options, so be sure to check out each one to see which one will suit your business best. Once you’ve chosen your Webbie website, you will be able to choose the font and colour. You can upload a logo or choose for us to create one for you. You can then choose to display or not display the following: PDF download, Google map, opening hours, business address and email.

How do I order a Webbie website?

Click on the Get Started buttons on the homepage or in the menu and it will take you to Step One of the order process. You will be guided through a set of selections, such as which website you want, colours, font and image theme best suited to your business. You upload your logo or select a basic logo to be created for you.

Step Two is where you enter your domain name, business name, descriptions, contact details and social media links if you have them. You can also upload a PDF or Word doc if you want to make that available.

The last step is to check your order, then add your contact and payment information. Once you’ve completed your purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email, followed by an email to confirm your website launch. You will receive login details and a link to a guide on how to make changes to your website should you wish.

Are there any ongoing fees after my initial purchase?

Once you’ve paid the initial fee, you will only have to pay for your domain (if applicable) and hosting renewals on a yearly basis. The costs break down as follows:

Webbie Website, Website Hosting & Email Hosting
One-off fee: $272* (when order is placed)
Annual fee:  $35 (paid a year from order date)

Webbie Website, Website Hosting, Email Hosting & Domain Name
One-off fee: $297* (when order is placed)
Annual fee:  $60 (paid a year from order date)

*This is our introductory fee.

How long does it take to get my website?

Once you have purchased your Webbie website, you should receive your website within the same week. If you have purchased your own domain name, then we will require you to respond to our follow up email with your login details in order to complete the website launch, so this may impact timings if we don’t hear back from you straight away.

What information do you need to complete a website?

We need your new or existing .com.au domain name (e.g. companyname.com.au), business name, optional tagline, about your business (at least 150 words), description and list of your services or products, contact details, social media links and a PDF download if you want one included (e.g. food menu, price list, brochure). If purchasing a domain, we’ll need your ABN. If you have already purchased your domain, we will need your login details, and we will be in touch with you to obtain these on email.

Will I own the logo you create for me?

Yes. If you have ticked the box asking us to create a logo for you, we will create it and include it in your finished website automatically. If you wish to use this logo on your social media accounts and email signature etc. you can download the file from your website media library. The file wont be suitable for large scale printing. If you wish to obtain files suitable for printing onto business cards, posters, clothing or other signage, please contact us and we can provide a quote to produce the relevant file.

What happens if I don’t like the logo you created for me?

You have the option of using a ‘text only’ version of your business name on your website should you not like the logo you receive. Guides are available on our Support page. We offer this logo service as a little extra bit of love for the small business who’s just starting up and don’t yet have the funds to get a custom logo and branding designed for them. So if you don’t like the look of the logos you’re seeing on our example sites then you might want to consider getting a custom logo created from a design brief that you can provide. Contact us for a custom logo design.

Do I get an email account set up with my domain?

Yes, included in the purchase is the set up of one email account. You can choose the name for this email account, e.g. contact@companyname.com.au, or info@companyname.com.au, or hello@companyname.com.au. You will have 250MB of email space. If you exceed that allocated space, you will no longer be able to send and receive emails, so make sure to keep your emails tidy and delete anything you don’t need.

Where are my emails and website hosted, and can I access my hosting account?

Your email and website hosting is with our preferred third party hosting company, which we aren’t affiliated with. They are completely Australian based and currently have the fastest web hosting services in Australia. As part of your Webbie subscription, you will not have direct access to your hosted website files. Your subscription gives you access to your website images, copy, SEO fields and emails. Once your subscription is cancelled, your website files and email account is terminated. You are however able to transfer the domain name ownership by filling out a Transfer of Domain Name form for a fee of AU$35 available on our Contact us page.

What size images should I use on my Webbie website?

Any photograph taken on a digital camera will be high resolution enough to look fantastic on your Webbie website. The latest mobile phone cameras also have high resolution photo taking capabilities, and can be used as full screen images on your website. Take them in landscape mode though, rather than portrait. A simple little trick you can do to check if your image is ‘large’ enough to display clearly on your website is to open the image on your laptop or desktop computer and if the image opens up to the full width of your computer screen, then that is the actual size of the image and therefore it’s large enough to display nicely, as it wont have to be stretched to fit the larger resolution sized screens.

Landscape images work best, as it naturally fits the size of most monitors, and adapts for mobile screens. But remember to compress the file of your image! We love www.tinypng.com for their free image compression service. Simply upload your image and it compresses it, and you can download the same quality image, but at a vastly reduced file size. Use this compressed version on your site to maintain the fastest speed and performance possible.

Can I add more pages to my Webbie website?

Webbie websites were designed for small businesses, salons, hairdressers, cafés, restaurants, sole traders, professionals and local retailers. To offer the lowest possible cost for a beautifully designed and developed website, we haven’t included the capability to add new pages. Instead, we suggest that you look at getting yourselves a custom designed and built website where you can have the flexibility to add as many pages as you need, either by the developer, or even yourself if you ask your developer to build the website with that capability included. Contact us if you’re after a larger more custom website and we’d be happy to chat you through it.

Will you be creating a Webbie website with a blog included?

At this stage, we don’t plan on adding a template that includes a blog. If you’re interested in this type of website, drop us a line or message us on social media so we’re aware of the demand, and if the demand is high, we can prioritise a blog website.

Do you offer an ecommerce website?

Not as yet, but we will! We want to create a few templates for ecommerce owners, so that they don’t have to navigate the complex world of WooCommerce themselves! Follow us on social media to keep up to date with new template releases in the coming months.

What happens if I have purchased website and/or email hosting already?

We don’t offer Webbie websites on other hosting, as the Webbie websites code and files are our property and not accessible to any subscribers.

Can I make changes to my order before the site is live?

Once your order is submitted, no further changes are permitted. But once your site is live, you can make as many changes you like. Our helpful guides on our Support page will enable you to make these updates easily.

Can I transfer the domain name ownership into my name?

Yes you can! If you are looking to develop your website further, or want to cancel your subscription for another reason, you are able to take over the domain name if we originally purchased this on your behalf. You need to fill in a Transfer of Domain Name form available on our Contact page, and pay the transfer fee of AU$35 before the transfer is initiated.

If I’m not happy with my finished site, or change my mind beforehand, do you provide a refund?

Refunds are not given if you change your mind and do not want your website. This is because the work to create and publish your website will have already been done, and if you requested a domain name, this will have been purchased already. If you wish to no longer have your website, you need to fill in a Cancellation Request form which will be processed within 7 days. If you want to keep your domain name, you need to fill out the Transfer Domain Name form where a fee is payable.

Can I cancel my subscription (my website, hosting and emails) at any time?

Yes. You need to fill in a Cancellation Request form which will be processed within 7 days. This means no further annual fees relating to your subscription will be processed, and we will delete your website, email account and subscription account within that time. Once the subscription is cancelled, you will no longer have access to your website files or emails. If you wish to also cancel your domain name that we purchased on your behalf, we will let that lapse when it is up for renewal, and therefore that domain name will be available to anyone after the renewal date has passed.

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